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Een meerdaags retreat biedt de perfecte mogelijkheid om een stap terug te doen uit je dagelijks leven en terug in contact met jezelf te komen. Op prachtige, inspirende locaties duiken we de diepte in en creëren we ruimte om tot rust te komen, creativiteit te laten stromen en nieuwe energie en inzichten te laten ontstaan.

We combineren yoga, breathwork en stilte met soundhealing, ceremonies en sharing circles. We stellen vragen, reflecteren en leren met een open mind te luisteren. Als een groep gelijkgestemde mensen elkaar ontmoeten, gebeurt er altijd iets magisch.

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The Soul Journey Retreat, Ibiza

9-15 November 2024, till february 2024 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT

A luxury retreat, a true gift to yourself.

We dive deep into all the layers of ourselves. It can’t be descibed only be felt and experienced.

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I participated in the Soul Journey Retreat in 2022 in Ibiza. You should be prepared to get much more than a normal yoga retreat :). Saskia is a great teacher. She created a wonderful atmosphere and safe space from the beginning, so everyone felt comfortable and could surrender to everything. She also brought many people who live on the island to do ceremonies or other activities with us like a hike and sound healing session. This sharing of knowledge and working things out together as a team was just great! Also, we were really on a Soul Journey! Saskia prepared a booklet and each day was based on the Kosas (layers of the mind) so there was a continuous journey throughout the retreat. She is also a liquid breath teacher, which brings a whole new experience. If you want to experience yoga to the fullest, along with great people and a great teacher, you should definitely attend one of Saskia’s retreats.

Anja Bernet


The Soul Journey Retreat in Ibiza goes beyond yoga and recharging your batteries. It’s a chance to travel within and rediscover your true self. Saskia lovingly guided us through a carefully crafted program designed to release stress and emotions and tap into a deeper source of energy and inspiration. Together with other amazing women we explored the incredible power of our intuitions and the divine feminine. The heavenly setting on the sacred island of Ibiza provided an oasis of calm and beauty from which to reflect and connect with nature. Each of us was encouraged to embrace our own needs and do what felt good to us, and the week was full of delightful surprises. We came away with everything we hoped to find, and more than we could have imagined. 

Maya Taal


In the fall of 2023, I attended ‘The Soul Journey’ in Ibiza. It was my first retreat, and I had little experience with yoga and breathwork. The location of the retreat is fantastic, as is the chef Nathalia who provided amazing meals throughout the week. Saskia creates a very pleasant and safe atmosphere where you feel completely free to open up to all (for me, new) experiences and go through your own process. The sessions and activities are very well coordinated, enhancing each other. For me, it was a truly special experience. I learned a lot, and new worlds were opened up for me, with the most significant being my inner world, which I reconnected with during this week. Highly recommended!

The Netherlands

I just returned from an un forgettable Alignment retreat at Mallorca. It surpassed all expectations. The yoga and breathwork sessions put you in a ‘flow’ that connects with your intuition. I found myself becoming more aware of the subtler aspects of life, beyond ordinary rational thinking. Saskia’s guidance and techniques helped me to broaden my perception and to connect with my body and feelings. This retreat was a deep dive into self-awareness, new friendship and natural beauty. If you are looking for a way to recharge, reconnect and broaden your horizons this retreat on enchanting Mallorca is exactly what you need.
Jeff B.

The Netherlands

I really needed a time-out to recharge my batteries without kids & daily life around. Going alone on such a trip was new for me but came with so much ease trusting I’d be amongst a lovely group of people and choosing me first and foremost. I’m not a big Yogi nor spiritually active but was simply open to take it all in, at my own pace. The week has been exactly what I needed and more. From a beautiful, special location to a well-crafted program to enjoy with the group, important me-time and especially such a warm & caring host & teacher Saskia to share the experience with. Highly recommended!

Nastasja Tennhardt


Saskia’s Soul Journey Retreat has brought me so much. A deep dive into healing old wounds and patterns and experiencing an all-encompassing love for myself, other beautiful souls, and nature. All of this from a safe space. The balance between Saskia and Cora was perfect, and they complemented each other beautifully with their authentic selves. The location is perfect, and the food prepared by the chefs is heavenly. For me, the retreat has been life-changing.
Grace Bruinewoud

The Netherlands